Only you will know what it means

Mystifying to everyone but you, Saviour is a quiet, mechanical object designed to secretly represent anything from your money to your sleep, by rotating as if by magic.


Let them wonder

Saviour comes from the heart of Shoreditch in London to gently manifest itself within any stylish, connected environment. It is a non-intrusive, physical artefact which can monitor and communicate any measurable quantity you wish, such as your progress toward a financial target or the number of times you have exerted yourself at the gym. Saviour does this by automatically adjusting the position of its inner disc in sync with the information it receives, acting as a motivating visual reminder that only you will understand.


Uniquely motivating

Saviour can be connected to your bank account and serve as an elegant visual indicator of your progress toward a savings goal. Or you could use Saviour as a morale-boosting countdown mechanism for a long awaited family holiday.

On the more eccentric end of the spectrum, Saviour needn't be connected to a source of data at all. You could input values manually, and let Saviour be your private marker of how many times you've watched your favourite movie so far this year. Up to you. And if your guests perceive your mysterious new purchase as a well crafted designer clock, feel free to let them.


Enigmatic in appearance, ingenious in function

Saviour is set up with a special app, allowing you to decide exactly what it will mean to you. A full circle might mean twelve hiking trips to one person, or ten thousand pounds saved up to someone else. You specify what each incremental movement represents, and Saviour rotates into action accordingly. If you want to use Saviour for something which cannot be tracked via the wonders of modern technology, there is a manual input option in the app which allows you to feed Saviour your quantities remotely.


The new coin jar

Saviour was born from a desire to help people save money and reach a target in the same way that putting coins in a glass jar at home spurred us on to keep going. But there's more to life than money, and there are so many things we all require a bit of motivation to accomplish. Saviour is here to help, and the device has been lovingly crafted to suit a variety of homes, from industrial studios to rambling period houses. With this in mind, Saviour comes in five distinct colour ways: ebony; scarlet; emerald; ivory; cobalt.


Limited edition of 1000

Saviour has been through many enjoyable design phases and lots of rigorous testing, and will be available to the public by the end of 2019. Please register your interest with us here and we will let you know as soon as we are ready to release the first one thousand editions.


Behind the scenes at Saviour

Saviour was conceived by Thought Machine Labs, and developed in collaboration with award-winning product design studio 7th Design & Invention. Thought Machine Labs is the experimental arm of Thought Machine, a leading London fintech company which is known for its principal product, Vault, a cloud-based core banking platform, which is revolutionising how banking is done. This technology is what powers Saviour, allowing it to connect to any UK bank account and react almost instantly to deposits and withdrawals.

Thought Machine Labs previously created the pioneering digital money box for children, Money Monsters, which was taken on by Santander in 2017.

For more information, please visit us here:

Thought Machine Labs
7th Design & Invention
Money Monsters